Attention Span

An average Human being is exposed to between 4000 – 10,000 Ads per day. How does your Brand get itself noticed?

Dwindling attention spans, Increased content and being targeted by between 4000-10000 Brands a day may well mean that your Potential guest has no recall of what you offer. 

A study conducted by Microsoft Corp indicates that people now generally start to lose concentration after about eight seconds. This figure has been falling over the years and is now at an all-time low.

So, What can your Brand do?

To Stay relevant your Brand needs a Customer Journey Map to create multiple touch points at every stage of the customer journey. You need the right content to engage with the Audience between 10-15 times to create a Brand Recall.

How do we help!

We are firm believers in power of Marketing and Social Media. We are not a Digital Agency selling Social Media Marketing to the Industry, we are Industry Professionals leveraging Social Media marketing to build meaningful customer Journeys to increase your Lead Generation and growing your Brand. 

The approach being followed by many today in the name of Social Media Marketing is how many times the content is being posted on your Social Media with no focus on How many leads enter the Sales Funnel and building meaningful connections with your Potential Guests. 

At, Purple Albedo, our Approach is “Connection & Conversion Focused” Everything we do is aimed at Building your Brand & Increasing your Valuation. We leverage Social Media to first drive awareness, then engagement to generate a recall and finally driving conversions.

We help you “Turn Lookers into Bookers”

Every client goes through 5 stages of Buying cycle, Awareness, Consideration, Intent, Purchase and Post Purchase(Satisfaction and Referrals). Leveraging our Industry experience & Domain expertise we help you design customer journeys that are best suited for your Audience and create a touch point with them at every stage, helping you gain more direct bookings, Increasing your referrals and reducing your 3rd party dependence.

Todays clients want to engage with a Brand at their own terms. We create an online Guest profile for your Hotel, help your Brand reach the targeted audience in the chosen Geography and be in front of them on their chosen platform at their chosen time in a manner which is best suited for them.

We live and breathe Insights and Data and these in turn help your Brand focus on where your growth is coming from in a manner which is sustainable and scalable.

Getting started with us is easy. Get in touch with us and we will present to you Insights and Data along with a definitive plan to help you grow.