Crowne Plaza Greater Noida

Case Study - Crowne Plaza Greater Noida

Social Media Marketing for Weddings

Social Media marketing is an excellent medium for Hotel to promote Weddings, the Potential clients for weddings are all on the Social Media and all that is needed is timely messaging to build awareness. In this case study we see how we helped our Client Crowne Plaza Greater Noida leverage Social Media to win weddings during the second phase of Lock down in India between April / June 2021.

The Second Wave of Corona Virus saw a lot of restrictions being placed on the number of people who were permitted to be invited for weddings. New Delhi was in a complete lock down as the cases had really increased and Couples who had already booked Venues in Delhi were left in a lurch. 

We were quick to realize this and in discussion with our Client prepared the right messaging for the Social Media which was leveraged to reach out to Potential clients who were to get married. The Right messaging giving accurate information being shared at the right time was the Key here.

The quick thinking on part of the Crowne Plaza Greater Noida by curating a solution for couples who were left in a lurch helped them win over many Weddings. Despite the circumstances, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida offered these at a reasonable price, there by winning automatic referrals and Good will. 

Social Media is where your Buyers hangout, all that is needed is the right messaging to be sent out to the people who match your Brand. At Purple Albedo, our Solutions are tailored to increase the number of Leads that flow to the Top of your Marketing funnel, so that your Teams have enough prospects to follow up with and create multiple touch points and finally close more leads. 

We help you create the right persona for your Brand, create an outreach strategy to create Brand Awareness, thereby increasing your Visibility. At the next stage we warm up the Audiences to make sure that they have a higher Brand Recall and lastly make sure that when they are ready to travel/book you are a Top of mind recall. 

If you want to know how we can help you close more weddings and Events, please schedule a one on one Session with Vishal Mehra and see how in less than 90 days you could be on the way to increased Direct Business and higher Revenue.