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We are Industry Professionals with Diverse backgrounds giving us the ability to analyze problems in a Holistic Manner. We have walked the talk and lived the Industry for over 3 Decades, have witnessed the evolution from 100% offline to a mix of offline and Online.

Our solutions are designed to build your Valuation.



Limited Reach = Low Visibility

Lack of Brand awareness for smaller boutique hotels

Small hotels cannibalised by Representative Companies or Chain Hotels

Offline Sales

Limited Revenue realization as data is not optimized.

Limitations in terms of reach & target audience

Low Revenue Realization from OTA’s Listing

High commission charged by OTA platform in the range of 15 – 20%

No brand recognition from OTA listing

Problems of Low Scalability

Awareness & access to experts due to small scale of operations.

Not eligible for economies of scale due to small procurement bucket

Hospitality Marketing

What we do

Our Solution

Brand Management

Leveraging Social Media to build your Brand and unlock new markets.

Virtual Reality

Power of Immersive Experience leveraging Virtual Reality

Web Optimization

More Direct Traffic and Improved conversions for your Brand.

Training Solutions

Enhanced customer satisfaction and WOW Factor..

The Team


Over his career spanning 2 decades, Pravin has had the privilege to work with the best hotels and travel companies, spearheading revenue functions, sales management, supply side management.
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3 decades of rich experience in the Tourism Domain across diverse verticals, building brands and launching destinations such as Nepal, Egypt and Taiwan leveraging the power of Marketing. Vishal is a firm believer in all things Marketing and Social Media
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A Chartered Accountant by profession, Manish has a total of 3 decades experience in managing finance and accounting for global travel companies. Currently leading online travel company Holxo Holidays, his experience includes driving growth strategies
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