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Social Media Marketing

Why social Media marketing is the right thing for the Hotels to embrace now. The playing field has changed, so how the game is played needs to change as well. In this changing Landscape Hotels need to adapt and adapt fast if they wish to stay relevant. Rooms are a perishable commodity, what you do not sell only ends up costing a Hotel money, similarly the covers in a Restaurant need to stay occupied to give a hotel maximum ROI. An empty cover never produces Revenue.

The focus has shifted more towards going Direct. Customers prefer to engage directly with the Brands in this new landscape, What this means for you as a Hotel is that you too need to go direct to the consumers for spreading awareness and driving engagement with the Intention of driving more direct bookings to reduce the dependence on third party channels

This changed Landscape means that the traditional means of doing Business may not give us the best results today. The Post Covid-19 landscape demands that Hotels prioritize the channels they wish to get Business from. Hotels may have acquired its business in the past from Travel Agents, Corporates and OTA’s. Today most of the Travel Companies are working on Skeleton staff, Corporates have put a Freeze on Travel. Work from Home is here to stay and Zoom calls have replaced face to face meetings for a lot of companies, and in some cases for the next foreseeable future. 

Though the OTA’s still continue to drive in Business but the cost of acquisition is extremely high. Everytime you get a Booking via an OTA you end up paying between 12% and 20% commission. Its a double whammy, reduced rates due to Covid and on top of it  Higher cost of acquisition. 

This naturally brings us to the Question what does the Hotel need to do today to drive in more direct leads to the Top of the funnel? What channel should the Hotels focus on for Leads and Traffic. The Answer based on Data and our experience and is rather simple, Hotels need to shift their focus towards Social Media as the go to channel and leverage Social Media Marketing to grow.

Social Media today is the best channel which can help Hotels grow their business without breaking the bank. Social Media Marketing however, needs a well defined strategy just like any other channel. We recommend that before embarking on your Social Media Marketing journey, hotels define their Objectives. What are you, as a Hotel wishing to achieve from your Social Media Marketing Strategy? How much Budget do you have and what avenues need immediate attention.

At Purple Albedo, We start with a Consulting session to understand the Objectives that you as a Hotel may wish to achieve, these objectives should stay constant for a minimum 90 days period, because It takes around around 90 days to test various Audiences and warm them up by creating touch points.

What are touch points?
To understand Touch points lets use a Stat: An average person is targeted between 4000 – 10,000 times a day with advertisements. From social media to print media, to radio & Television, then there are the Hoardings and billboards that you see when you are driving or walking. All these are the prime examples of creating a Touch point. The reason is simple, as per a study done by Microsoft, the average attention span of a Human today is 8 Seconds which is 1 second less than that of a Goldfish.

Since the Attention spans are dwindling, between 10-15 touch points are needed to create a brand recall. What this means for you, is that the potential Hotel Guest would have seen or engaged with your Brand between 10-15 times in a period of 90 days and would be a warmer audience, hence more likely to convert.

The 90 days are crucial to build the Brand Awareness with the chosen audience, During this stage the Hotel need to reach out to a broader audience in their defined geography and drive awareness of their Brand. People may be aware that you exist, but they need to be constantly reminded to achieve a top of mind brand recall.

The advantage that a Hotel would have with Social Media Marketing is that it can go broad or razor sharp with its targeting. As an example, when promoting Food & Beverage, the Hotel can afford to go broad in its engagement stage and then once the audience has been warmed up it can, based on the Traffic it has received, choose to retarget the right set of Audience by going razor sharp.

Similarly if you as a Hotel would like to target Small Celebrations and Weddings you need to start with the right audience but here go razor sharp to engage and convert them.

Building Audiences, Targeting, Retargeting is all a part of Paid social that we at Purple Albedo offer. Our biggest differentiator is that we are not a Digital marketing agency selling to the Industry, but we are from the Industry, understand the pain points and also understand that Social Media Marketing if done right for the Hotel can be a game changer and become the largest channel.  

Getting started with us is easy. Just drop in an Email or a Whatsapp message to Vishal Mehra to set up a discovery call to understand whether we are a good fit for each other. During this call he will walk you through the process and showcase to you what Social Media Marketing can do for your Brand.

P.S. If you understand Social Media Marketing and want to fly Solo, It would be our recommendation that you make sure and leverage the Paid Social as Organic is not going to help you grow. Organic Posting is a necessity but not very productive. Remember a Simple stat: only 5.2% of people connected to your Page on Facebook see your updates, that is 1 in every 19 people connected and this is further based on engagement. On Instagram, people connected would see your updates but since Organic posting lacks a call to action, it may not bring the results that you seek. 

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