Spatial depth is key to human sensory perception​.

Step into the future of hospitality with Purple Albedo's Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. Elevate guest engagement and satisfaction by offering immersive and interactive virtual tours. Whether it's showcasing your hotel's amenities or providing a sneak peek into travel destinations, our VR solutions enhance the guest experience, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond the physical realm.

Why Virtual Reality


Virtual Site Inspection: Enabling cross-selling and up-selling of other services​. Showcasing the Hotel at Tradeshows & Events: Reduces the cost of collaterals​.

Brand Communication 

Provides the sales team with powerful selling tools.​

Global Content Control & Accessibility

Enables better control and accessibility of the marketing content across teams globally​.

Future Ready

Mapping the hotels in 8K / 12K resolution and making the hotel future ready​. Works on any device with a Browser and an internet connection​.

Iconic Projects

We have successfully executed and completed projects across Indian Subcontinent.